New Year = New Habits: How I Ditched My ASOS Addiction and Committed to Long-term Goals

New Year’s resolutions, love or hate them, someone is bound to ask you if you have made one. With 2016 being quite an interesting year for many, everyone seems to be more determined than usual to make this year great. So what are my plans for this year I hear you say? Oh well since you asked! This year I decided to make a resolution that I could easily commit to. I started to reflect upon which of my habits that I most wanted to change in 2017, using a bit of help from behavioural psychology.

Straight away I knew that one of the most unnecessary outgoing spends that I have is purchasing clothes. The thing is, I never go overboard. Just a £30 dress here or a £20 top there. But over time this creates a dent in my bank account that I really do not need. There are plenty of perfectly nice outfits sitting pretty in my wardrobe. But where does my urge to spend come from? I don’t buy women’s magazines very often and I don’t even have a TV (Thanks laptop and Netflix’s, you are a Godsend!).

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2 Tips for Enjoying a Stress-free Christmas

Christmas is a truly magical time of year. The bright colours, the Christmas movies, presents, family and friends and don’t even get me started on the food! But creating such a magical atmosphere of cheer and joy can actually take a lot of work. Decorations don’t hang themselves.  Numerous cards need to be written. Before too long you can find yourself with an endless to-do list, muttering “bah humbug” under your breath.

So here are two techniques which I use to help me when I feel overwhelmed by my Christmassy chores and I just want to get them done.

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Christmas Giveaway! Inc T&C’s *Now Closed

*** This competition is now closed. Check back for more competitions to come in the new year***

December is here! Christmas is on the way (three Monday’s away in fact!) and I am feeling particularly festive this year. Why? Because my blog has reached it’s very first birthday. This marks one year of blogging and one year of me developing content to spread the word about behaviour analysis to you lovely readers. It means a lot to me to be able to share my passion for this approach and to inspire other people with it.

So as a festive thank you to my readers, I wanted to ask you a question.

Do you like to get free stuff for answering an Xmas themed question about behaviour? Well if you do, you are welcome to enter my competition which is taking place over on my Facebook page!

Good luck to everyone who takes part and I will be revealing the correct answer shortly after the giveaway on the Facebook page, for those who are curious.

Full Terms and Conditions.

Open to UK residents aged 16 and over, excluding relatives of the administrator of Closing date for entries is 23.59 GMT on the 9th December 2016. Only one entry per person.

There will be 4 prizes per winner. Each winner will receive one bag of chocolate Santas and one randomly selected Christmas item (as shown in the image within the giveaway promotional post). All items are from the Flying Tiger Copenhagen and are of a similar value. This giveaway is not in collaboration with Tiger.

Entrants must click the Like button and must leave a comment on the Facebook promotional post at with the correct answer to the question within the promotional post, one comment per person. The winners (who have answered the promotional post question correctly) will be chosen at random. The winner will be informed by a reply to their comment plus a Facebook message within 1 days of the closing date and will need to respond within 3 days or a new winner will be chosen.

The prizes will be sent within 7 days of the winner confirming their address. The promoter is Behaviour Babble, UK. By participating in this prize draw, entrants confirm they have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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How to strengthen your relationship: Help your partner to understand you better!

The other day I was feeling particularly excited. Not because something momentous had happened. I hadn’t won the lottery, bought a puppy or treated myself to a pizza. No, this was particularly geeky brand of excitement. The kind that only comes about when you have studied a subject that barely anyone else has heard of (Behaviour analysis, I’m looking at you!) and someone you love attempts to understand it. In a moment that took me completely by surprise, not only did they try to learn about it, in the way that my friends smile and politely ask “So you do something with psychology, right?”. This gem of a person went one step further. They showed me that they could define something, a psychological concept, which had impacted upon our behaviour on that very same day.  Cue me squealing and dancing on the spot  like I’d just been told I was going to Disneyland. The things I get excited about on a Tuesday night eh? But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Who is this amazing human being, who learned how to understand our behaviour and used this knowledge to help our relationship run more smoothly?  As the title suggests, it is none other than my long-suffering boyfriend! Let’s call him Aiden.

Carry on reading to find out what he learned and how you too can use it to strengthen your own relationship!

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Why it can be Tricky to Analyse Behaviour -Even a Genius Gets it Wrong!

Today I watched a youtube clip of a genius scientist who still failed to define a basic concept in behavioural science.    

He solves complex problems about theoretical physics in his day job. Yet he misapplied the term reinforcement when talking about tweaking Penny’s behaviour, his best friend’s girlfriend.

I am of course talking about the lovable Dr Sheldon Cooper from the TV show The Big Bang Theory (if you didn’t catch that reference, then we might have to re-evaluate our friendship!!).

Even though his genius is only fictional, the clip still brings up an interesting point.  The writers behind the series have accurately explained many concepts within the science of physics, but they were unable to do so for a fundamental principle from the science of behaviour.


Should we blame the genius for being inaccurate or behavioural science for being confusing?

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How To Be a Great ABA Tutor – My Thoughts

Are you interested in working with kiddies with autism, wondering what an ABA tutor is and what it takes to become one? Or maybe you are a parent who’s looking for the right tutor for their child? Whatever the reason your here, I’m going to talk you through what an ABA tutor is and what I think are the top 10 qualities that a good ABA tutor should have and work towards. They are all based upon what I have learned and observed throughout my own personal experience as a ABA tutor. I am still learning and striving towards them everyday. I hope you find this list useful and that it gives you more insight into this interesting, challenging and rewarding career path.

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How to teach your child with autism using child-led play

Because nobody likes to learn everything at a desk! And nobody should have to, especially when learning skills in a variety of contexts can be very beneficial for learning.

According to a classic psychology experiment, you are more likely to remember new information if you are tested in the place where you learned the material. So scuba divers who were taught information on land recalled the info better when they were tested again on dry land and the divers who were taught under water recalled the info more accurately when tested under the deep blue sea.

Now if you relate this back to teaching your child, if you only teach them things at the table, then the chances are that they will be less likely to perform this skill in other contexts.

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How to stop scrolling your life away using one easy trick

We spend a lot of time on the internet. Fact. And as I mentioned in this post, social media sites such as Facebook have some pretty addictive qualities.

There was a time back at university when I was incredibly frustrated with the amount of time that I was wasting. I could have been productive but instead I was watching music videos and reading whimsical fashion blogs.

But what can you do when the internet changes from a harmless way to pass the time into a serious habit that is inhibiting your life?

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What is Reinforcement? Your ultimate guide!

You’ll hear the term “reinforcement” used a lot in this blog and with good reason too. It’s one of the most interesting and important concepts to come out of behaviour analysis (the science of understanding behaviour). And its something that’s shaping how you behave on a daily basis! But myths and common misconceptions have lead to a lot of confusion as to what reinforcement actually is. So this is going to be my guide to explaining what reinforcement means, what the two types of reinforcement are and what the differences between them is. Happy reading!

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